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2014 Lectures

1 Peter Day 1 – Simon Harris

1 Peter Day 2 – Simon Harris

1 Peter Day 3 – Simon Harris

Colossians Day 1 – Gary Henry

Colossians Day 2 – Gary Henry

Colossians Day 3 – Gary Henry

False Religions Day 1 – Scott Smelser

False Religions Day 2 – Scott Smelser

False Religions Day 3 – Scott Smelser

Public Speaking Day 1 – Gardner Hall

Public Speaking Day 2 – Gardner Hall

Public Speaking Day 3 – Gardner Hall

Gary Fisher Lecture – Day 1

Gary Fisher Lecture – Day 2

Gary Fisher Lecture – Day 3

Gary Fisher Lecture – Day 4

Humility In Leadership Day 1 – Don Bunting

Humility In Leadership Day 2 – Don Bunting

Humility In Leadership Day 3 – Don Bunting

Intro To New Testament Greek Day 1 – Jeff Smelser

Intro To New Testament Greek Day 2 – Jeff Smelser

2012 Lectures

Lecture Series on Faith 

A series of morning and evening lessons from Sewell Hall.

Gospel of John

Jeff Smelser’s series on the Gospel of John

Minor Prophets – The Book of Micah

A series on the book of Micah by Jady Copeland.

False Teaching

Gardner Hall explores several dangerous false teachings in this series of lessons.


A series on the book of Revelation by Gary Fisher.


A series on the book of Romans by Scott Smelser.

Song Leading Class  

A series on song leading skills by Ed Smith.

Struggles in Faith  

A series on how to overcome struggles in our faith by Don Bunting.

Women of Proverbs  

A unique look at Proverbs by Simon Harris.

2011 Lectures

Applying The Authority of Christ

Book of Colossians

Simon Harris teaching the New Testament Book of Colossians.

The Book of Daniel

Gary Fisher teaching the Old Testament Book of Daniel.

The Book of Matthew

Ed Smith teaching a five part study in the Book of Matthew.


Gardner Hall discusses the impact of Post-Modernism on Christianity


Paul Earnhart teaches Ephesians.

The Messiah Foreshadowed

Jeff Smelser explores Old Testament foreshadowing of the Messiah.


Scott Smelser discusses practical lessons learned from the Book of Proverbs.

The Evening Sessions

These are from the series of singings and lectures presented each night during the camp.

2010 Lectures


Scott Smelser leads the young men in a study of the book of Acts.

Being Godly Men

Simon Harris teaches about “being the man your family needs.”


Gary Fisher teaches through the book of Genesis with much emphasis on practical application.

Man of God (I & II Timothy and Titus)

Don Bunting, emphasizing the need to be spiritual leaders, leads this study through I & II Timothy and Titus.


Bob Waldron presents lessons from the book of Psalms that is “a mirror of the soul.”


Sewell Hall teaches on God’s right to assign roles in His creation.


Jon Focht discusses songs, song leading and singing. The audio from the group singing is included in each lesson.


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